This is our mission. You are welcome here, in our church home.

“Home” is different for all people and changes through the varied seasons of our lives. But the feeling of home is similar; familiar; comforting. Home is a closeness you feel immediately, like cozying up to a fireplace. This feeling is what we aim to give at The Dwelling at Hopewell.

The Dwelling is a just-for-fun place for families to connect. We get together to play games, have painting nights, watch movies, bonfires, cook, craft, do poetry readings, write, charades, karaoke, dinner out, etc.

While the children play where we can keep an eye on them, the adults have much needed time to connect. Some nights will be pizza and chips; others coffee and dessert; potluck; etc. Our activities are open and shaped by the members and what they like to do!

We meet the first Friday of every month in the lower level of the Education building at Hopewell Presbyterian Church from 6:30 to 9:30.

Just because we meet at our church does not mean attendees need to be Hopewell members, go to any church, or even be Christian, for that matter, to be part of our activities.

We want to welcome ALL families of the community to our church, and want all people to feel cozy and right at home in our church.

We don’t try to “recruit” attendees and The Dwelling is not a Bible Study. The Dwelling is simply reaching a hand of friendship saying, “Let’s really connect to each other.

”Similar to the principle of Hygge in Danish culture, we at The Dwelling want to experience relationships that are meaningful and go deeper than surface value or small talk.

Despite the fact that we are more connected to our neighbors via technology, twenty-four hours a day, we don’t know our neighbors.

The Dwelling invites us to “come in from the cold” of work, school, the business of life and the harshness of our world today and cozy up to the warmth, laughter and encouragement of good friends.

Please reach out to Jama at or call/text 276-696-2232 for any questions or suggestions! We can’t wait to meet you!

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